Stop Vinyl Siding from Melting

Is the sun reflection off window glass melting your vinyl siding?

If you’ve discovered vinyl siding that has melted, the likely cause is window reflection melting the vinyl siding. The sun’s energy can bounce off of a window, magnifying it and causing vinyl siding to melt. The reflection can be powerful enough to melt vinyl siding or anything that gets in the way. Window reflection can even cause a fire.

Vinyl Siding Melting Solutions – 100% Guaranteed

Energy Efficient Windows Cause Vinyl Siding Melting

Have your neighbors have recently upgraded to low-E windows, or did you just had energy efficient windows installed? The angle of the sunshine changes with the season and the sun reflecting off windows may soon be an issue.Vinyl siding can be melted surprisingly quickly once the sunlight reflects off low-E windows at the right angle, and once siding is melted by sunlight, it cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.